Jennie Kwon said: „Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique“, and I couldn't agree more! Especially if that jewelry carry my name, as is the case with the wonderful Soufeel gift I found today in the mailbox. Soufeel is a brand that began in 2009. and has since produced beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings with one particular mission, and that is to spread love. As they say, love is the essential Soufeel criterion, and their motto is: 'LOVE' is Soufeel’s core value: Treasure the Love, Feel the Love, then Love the Love.

I've been delighted with the collections of jewelry that Soufeel brand presents, such as: Love, Feel the Love, Inspirational Bracelets, Coordinates Jewelry, Name, Locket, Infinity, Monogram etc. I would highlight, even only because the meaning of the word itself, an elegant and sophisticated Infinity collection, then Love and Feel the Love which provide the possibility of framing pictures of loved ones in the hearts that can be worn as pendants on necklaces or bracelets, and also Monogram where you can find splendidly adorned letters of your name or the name of someone dear and close to you.

I was impressed by the Coordinates Jewelry collection, since I never seen a jewelry that would carry coordinates, which seems to be an extremely interesting idea. None less remarkable is the Inspirational Bracelets collection that allows us to wear our own inspirational message in the bracelet which, if we feel the need for encouragement, we can read at any time and remind ourselves why are we doing something. Soufeel also includes entrancing assortment of rings and pendants in which a pieces from all above mentioned collections can be found.

I decided for the Name Necklace from Personalized collection. I've always liked the idea of the necklace with my name, but I never acquired one. Ordering process is very simple: at the official site https://www.soufeel.com/ in the Personalized section choose Name Necklaces, then choose design that you like best, write down your name to see how the final product looks and proceed to the payment. Delivery time is 10 days and you can track where your shipment is currently. It's important to note that the selection is quite large and you can play with different designs until you create your perfect personalized necklace!

My necklace came in adorable velvet bag in which I can keep it when I'm not wearing it. I'm entirely satisfied with the quality and impeccable craftsmanship, with the attention devoted to details and elegance of Soufeel jewelry. Whatever you pick, Custom Photo Jewelry, Engravable Bangles, Promise Rings, Fashion Charm Bangles or Name Necklaces, you certainly won't go wrong and you will be thrilled with your jewelry. Moreover, I'm convinced that others will keep asking where did you get it. Soufeel jewelry is intended for making a person pretty, and it does so with a lot of love that exudes from every single piece.


  1. beautiful piece! I love it


    1. Yes, it is very beautiful! I'm glad you love it!

  2. This is so beautiful, great post! :D
    With love,

    Patricia & Miguel

  3. Such a cute jewelry piece! I always wanted a necklace with my name! ;)


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    1. Now you can have it with discount if you order from Soufeel and use coupon code Marvv15. This is very nice piece of jewelry.

  4. So pretty! Love this name necklace.


    1. Thank you so much! And I also love this necklace.

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