The blazer. I suppose there is at least one hidden in every person’s wardrobe, male or female. Blazer is a garment that is easily combined with others, which facilely fits into daily and nightly outfits, which corresponds with almost all styles, from business to sport, which represents “the uniform” and is key to elegance. I used to believe that the beginning of blazers is rooted in offices, but in actuality it’s far from the truth. For example, blazers originated from nautical jackets and the name itself comes from the frigate HMS Blazer, whose scruffy crew, during the visit of queen Victoria, wore a short, double-breasted navy blue jackets. The ruler was impressed, especially with a string of shiny brass buttons and with the cut, and blazers quickly became a inevitable part of maritime toggery.
Marija Bugarski

Also, in the second half of 18th century, rowers at Oxford and Cambridge were wearing thick flannel cutaways whose semblance we now recognize in classical blazers. Their design was primarily based on functionality as they were protective in regard to the coldness, and were decorated with wide stripes or patches with bright colors so that viewers at any time knew which team was in the lead. Beside the races, rowers started to dress them as status symbols and for free activities around campuses. Blazers gained exceptional popularity in the United States to, where students of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cornell with this apparel stated their affiliation to the elite. 
Marija Bugarski

Soon they vastly expanded and, overcoming the limits of sports prospect, advanced into favorite attire for work and leisure. In the 60’s and 70’s of 20th century they turned in indisputable pieces of clothes for both men and women, while in the 80’s an important role was played by so called “power suit” blazers with shoulder pads. Nowadays they are generally considered to be a vital component of the British look, specifically in black and blue, which can instill a note of elegance even in ordinary, simple outfit with jeans.
Marija Bugarski
Focal point of my present outfit is precisely the dappled Massimo Dutti blazer. I’m a big fan of this type of clothes, my own collection is endowed with a few in different colors and cuts and I remember them often, particularly when I’m in doubt what to wear. I liked this one because at first glance it gives the impression of a usual business suit but, when closely observed, there is a frill that makes it more feminine and intriguing and which alleviate the seemingly strict cut. Therefore it can be, without any trouble, stylized for everyday obligations, coffee with friends or evening outings and socializing. In this daytime appearance I decided to combine it with Zara’s shirt, ankle boots and Stradivarius’ jeans. Since Oslo is still pretty crisp, I mantled it with Mango’s coat and introduce a whiff of color in the prevailing black and white tones with a burgundy Michael Kors Mercer purse. The handbag attracted me with an interesting pattern and elegant shape, but mostly with it’s crucial factor – the color. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I adore this beautiful shade, either on clothes or on fashion accessories.
Do you love to wear blazers? How do you combine them?
Till the next post, best wishes!
Marija Bugarski 

BLAZER: Massimo Dutti
COAT: Mango
PANTS: Stradivarius
BAG: Michael Kors Mercer

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