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The only thing that you can buy and in return become richer is the travel! I shall always remember the day when I read that sentence and immediately thought to myself: what a perfect description. Abundant with new discoveries, new people, opening new horizons, travels evokes in us sentiments of excitement and thrill which can not be replaced by any other purchased material good, whether it is a purse, shoes or anything alike. Even when the trip is over, it lingers in our stories for months to come and for a lifetime in our memories and photographs. The fact that each journey enriches us as a person, allowes us to discover something previously unknown to us, to see things that we have only read about or looked at in pictures, is precisely why I love travels and why I gladly invest my time and funds into them.
Ulm Town Hall  

One such revelation was a German city of Ulm, located on Danube river and founded around year 850. Before my arrival I knew very little about it, but my enthusiasm was inasmuch stronger. Widely known as occasional residence of many medieval German rulers and as a birthplace of renowned physicist Albert Einstein, Ulm is full of history and tradition.

Schiefes Haus Ulm
Schiefes Haus Ulm

Nevertheless, it's biggest and truly magnificent landmark is Ulm Minster or the God's finger, gothic cathedral with world's tallest steeple that rises to astonishing 161,53 meters. Standing in front of it, looking up the height in awe, toward the top of the belfry that seemingly reaches the sky, arouses a sense of amazement, jast as cathedral itself, with all the datails that, by closer observation, unfolds before our eyes, making  us wonder how much time, effort and craftmanship was involved in their creation.
Ulm Minster
Ulm Minster
Beside the cathedral Ulm takes pride and draws attention with beautiful and above all interesting houses built in traditional medieval style. I am particulary fond of old buildings because, as witnesses of numerous occurrences and human destinies, they can whisper most incredible tales to us. We just have to listen very closely and for a moment indulge ourselves in fantasy. Another sight worth mentioning is cathedral square, a place which, with nearby public library designed as a glass pyramid, represents distinct intersection of history and modernity, with copious richness of architectural contrast.
Have you ever visited Ulm and what are your impressions?

Public Library Ulm, Stadtbibliothek


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